Spring Neutrals: The Must-Have Pieces of the Season

Posted by Erin Carter on

This spring, we at SHOWROOM aren't just satisfied with looking like a snack; we are poised and prepared to be the whole damn dessert. 
Neutrals as a word sounds so boring, but it's all in the style, honey. Our neutrals take on the challenge of texture, tones and silhouette to make unforgettable pieces that mix and match flawlessly. 
To show just how delicious neutrals can be, we styled our newest arrivals in some of our favorite flavors to show just how decadent this palette can be. Fudge, caramel, vanilla all swirl together to create sophisticated and (yummy) dressing. 

Chocolate-Covered Chic

Deep chocolate tones are rich and sexy, and by pairing the Argent suit jacket with our Stine Goya sheer dress keeps the balance of cool girl edge and femininity. 

Macchiato Mood 

Caramels and creams work together to keep the palette light and airy. Our Cara Cara knit is the key textured focus, with our Róhe satin skirt offers a great contrast in sleek silhouette. 

Cookies & Cream 

A stark contrast of vanillas and dark chocolate can be so striking. Our Joseph knit skirt brings the artistic drama while the Rachel Comey linen top brings the calm. Add our statement ATP rose clutch and wedge heels and you've got a very fashion-forward, yet casual look. 
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