Embracing Thanksgiving in Style

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Thanksgiving isn't just about the sumptuous feast and heartwarming reunions; it's also a runway for style and individuality. This year, let's dive into the sartorial narratives of four archetypal Thanksgiving personas: The Luxe Hostess, The Black Sheep, The Rich Auntie, and The Head of the Family.
The Luxe Hostess:

This Thanksgiving, the Luxe Hostess sets the stage with sophistication and warmth. She epitomizes elegance in motion, merging comfort with opulence. A well-tailored  dress, adorned with tasteful embellishments, offers comfort and luxury.

Isla Dress

Cavalla Slingback

The Midi Montreal Croc

Solid Gold Handwriting Necklace




The Rich Auntie

The Rich Auntie arrives in Thanksgiving splendor, effortlessly exuding a blend of comfort and luxury. Her signature style combines lavish fabrics and chic accessories. Effortlessly chic, she's ready to mingle and share stories of her recent travels and high-society happenings.


 Evergreen Shirtdress

Maxime Coat

Ankle Strap Wedge Pump

Hortensia Bag Medium Shell


The Black Sheep

In a sea of tradition, the Black Sheep stands out—embracing individuality and a flair for the unconventional. Incorporating dark and moody hues into their ensemble, they might opt for an edgy twist on the classic Thanksgiving look.

Tie Dye Dress

Classic Denim Jacket

Cleated Mid Chelsea Boots

Black Ganni Bou Wallet On Strap


 The Head of the Family

For the Head of the Family, tradition meets authority in a well-tailored, classic attire. A festive plaid jacker paired with tailored trousers and accents of red defines their timeless style. 

Lydia Jacket

Ariana Sweater

Simple Plait Trouser

Belle Helene Loafer


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