Just Dropped: New Khiry Collection

Posted by Cameron Howard on

Khiry was founded to channel the beauty, art, heritage, and culture of the African diaspora into modern, luxurious jewelry. Khiry's newest collection to round out the year delivers a fresh perspective on their iconic Khartoum, Isha, and Adisa designs, featuring drops, studs, and gorgeous stones. The collection features sculptural demi-fine sterling silver and gold vermeil jewelry that is sure to dazzle. Complete your holiday occasion wear with these stunning jewels that are guaranteed to make a statement. 
khiry khartoum tower ring
khiry tiny isha hoops
khiry khartoum studs
khiry tiny bamboo hoops
khiry long iklwa drops with stone
khiry isha hoops
khiry khartoum studs
Shop the Khiry collection now.

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