Meet The Designer: Citizens of Humanity

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One of the newest brands to come through our doors is Citizens of Humanity, the powerhouse denim brand that is known as the working woman's denim. With it's clean lines, just the right amount of stretch and versatility, this brand is a wardrobe essential. We chatted over video with the Creative Director, Marianna Gallagher McDonald on her style, how it's evolved during lockdown, and the one jean we all need from her new collection. 


What is your style advice for the Showroom woman? 

I think there's a shift where people are really drawn to color, and Showroom has done a beautiful job at that edit. It's really about finding those beautiful shades, and great textures, and pairing them back with things that are versatile and comfortable at the same time. And for me that means maybe a ribbed top or sweater in one of those beautiful modern shapes, trying out a new color, I love those citron colors, and pairing them back with denim that feels a little bit boyish. 


What is your go-to, WFH outfit? 

While initially, of course like everyone else, I could be found in leggings or sweatpants or sweatshirts, it's definitely sort of been retired a bit, now I wear things like a comfortable, easy fitting jumpsuit, or I can also be found in some great knits paired back with denim. 


Top item we need from Citizens of Humanity

When it comes to the denim piece you all need, again, is all about that away from the body silhouette. And I'm really drawn towards our Emerson in Roadtrip. I love that is has all of these beautiful, worn in, love worn feelings to it, and it sits away from the body at the hip. It feels chic and elegant, and love that is shows a little bit of ankle so you can wear it with sneakers or a heel, which sounds pretty fun right about now! 



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