Jean Patou founded his eponymous house in 1914.His first creations were inspired by his travels in the Balkans and... the East. The young couturier wanted to free women from the restrictive clothing imposed on them up until then. Jean Patou revolutionized fashion by liberating the female figure by designing dresses to wear without a corset and invented sportswear well ahead of his time. He marketed dresses without corsets, shortened skirts, launched a sports line designed to be worn in town and a monogram with his initials. He stood out from his competitors, Jeanne Lanvin and Gabrielle Chanel, his great rival, by being all the more visionary. In September 2018, the brand was aquired by the LVMH group who named Henry Artistic Director of the Jean Patou house, now Patou. He presented his first collection during Paris Fashion Week in September 2019.