Recap: Batsheva Fall-Winter 2023 Post Show Party

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Erica Hanks and SHOWROOM had the pleasure of hosting the BATSHEVA Fall/Winter 23 post show party with Batsheva Hay. The upcoming season showcases a her signature ruffled chest and continues to push the boundaries of fashion with a maximalist mashup evoking the nostalgia of decades past.
Founded in 2016 by Batsheva Hay, Batsheva plays with American styles of feminine dress – from Victorian to Pioneer; from Housewife to Hippie – by taking elements symbolic of restraint and repression (high collars, voluminous sleeves, and skirts) and giving them a modern inflection. By retooling historical looks, Batsheva explores how to extract the strong and beautiful aspects of those styles while rejecting antiquated notions of womanhood.
SHOWROOM Founder Erica Hanks and Batsheva Hay.
Batsheva Hay with actress Rebecca Hall and Rob Roth.
Erica Hanks with designer Jonathan Cohen, Batsheva Hay, Sarah Pickens, and Sarah Leff. 
Violetta Komyshan, Natasha Royt, and Yael Quint.
Erica Hanks, Lena Hall, and Leon Gray.
Erina Pindar with celebrity stylist Bailey Moon.
Journalist Amanda Mitchell.
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