Scorpio Season

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This water sign brings the heat more than dousing the flame. Although the color of the Scorpio is black, dressing the part is all about depth. Stay hot this season with rich fabrics and hues, and feel the Scorpio Sting.


Compelling Cosmopolitan

Scorpios love to make a statement and command attention. A dress or top with a plunging neckline can show off your daring side. Keep it classy but alluring, and don't forget to add some fun, edgy heels to complete the look.

Asymmetric Pleated V-Neck Dress

Laviano Heeled Sandals

Masicelle Black Leather Mini Handbag

Intense and Iconic

Bold, statement pieces can play a big role in your Scorpio Season style. Chunky gold jewelry and leather pair together to add a touch of mystique within your look.

Donna Dress

Pointy Toe Pump

Mini Cannes

Tiny Dancer Mini Earring

 Enticing Elegance

Scorpio season is all about embracing deep emotions and transformation. Opt for moody hues like jet black, deep burgundy, rich plum, and dark navy. Obscured colors can also capture the essence of Scorpio's affinity for rebirth and renewal.

Power Play

Scorpio energy is synonymous with empowerment and assertiveness. Channel your inner boss with a well-tailored power suit. Go for bold colors like deep red or black and leather textured pieces for a sultry touch. 


Carmen Pant

Myola Slingback


Eno Bag

Claud Belt



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